jeudi 22 mai 2008

ALICE GUY UNESCO PARIS Zoetrope de Franck Mercky 1862 UNESCO Paris Mars 2008
ALICE IN ‘CINEMALAND’ – Art Exhibition
Organized in collaboration with Thierry Peeters and the association « Les amis d’Alice Guy-Blaché »

10 – 21 March 2008, Rooms Miro I and II
Vernissage 10 March 2008

This exhibition, which consists of panels, paintings, posters, sculptures, and cinematographic apparatus from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, traces the life and history of the world’s first female filmmaker. Starting in 1986, she made some of the first fiction films of early cinema.

The work of Alice Guy is inspired by her vision of the world around her, showing us her era and the societal events of her time. The year 1908 marks the end of her cooperation with the Gaumont company for which she had produced more than 350 films. In 1911, Alice Guy left France to create the SOLAX studios in Fort-Lee, New Jersey, United States of America.

At that time, Alice produced as many as ten shorts and one feature-length film each month, in a variety of genres: suspense, comedy, fantasy, opera, police thrillers, westerns, etc. Alice Guy represents our collective memory, and as such, Thierry Peeters, great-grandson of Ms. Guy, and the association « Les amis d’Alice Guy-Blaché », (Friends of Alice Guy-Blaché) invite you to discover the memorable life and cinematographic works of this exceptional woman.

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